Creekside Drive, Loranger, LA

view of house from driveway

view from porch, through meadow, downhill  towards creek
in early Spring

house from the meadow, taken near the pond

The Den...

.... the Den

view from upstairs bedroom

layout of 20 acres - a rectangle 1/4 mile wide, 1/8 mile deep
'high' ~65' above sea level to east,  lower, ~50'  creek floodplain on the west, sloping hillside in between

Chappepeela Creek viewed from property

the pond

winter view - small oxbow 'lake' (abandoned meander of the creek)

the meadow -previous owner used it for hunting and a golf driving range

deer running through meadow

winter view, house from far end of the meadow

the driveway through woods

the pasture

woodland path

house from the southwest

house from the back

ruined heavy equipment - you never know what you will find

location map (purple thumbtack in the upper left center)